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Gong Playing Tuition

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About Me


  • My interest and career as a fully qualified tutor, with Cert. Ed qualification from the University of Greenwich and ITEC Diplomas in Complementary Therapies, spans over 30 years, during which time I have taught at many local Colleges.
  • I specialise in Thai Therapies, having gained Diplomas in Thai Massage and Advanced Thai Medical Massage Therapy at Wat Po Temple Traditional Medical School in Bangkok. 
  • I have continued my studies in Thai Meditative Yoga, also in Thailand, with the Thai Ministry of Education.
  • I am also a fully qualified Yoga Teacher and Gong Player, having studied with numerous experienced teachers. Gong playing is a huge part of my daily life when practicing Thai Meditative Yoga, and teaching Yoga Classes. 
  • Having also studied Kundalini Yoga, I took the spiritual name Atma Bir Kaur as part of my practice. I have travelled to Indian, studying both Complementary Therapies and Yoga. 
  • In all my classes the Gong is a feature, played as either an introduction with meditation or a Gong Bath at the end of class. 
  • CMA registered.

The Art of Gong Playing


  • I am offering Workshops in “The Art of Gong Playing”. 
  • Whether you are a Yoga Teacher, a student of Yoga or Meditation, or just wish to play the Gong for your own interest to enhance your health and wellbeing, and that of your friends and family, my Workshop covers all aspects of the The Art of Gong Playing. 
  • No musical knowledge is required.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • The Gong can be played for all Yoga disciplines “The Art of Gong Playing” can be used for Meditation and Gong Baths. 
  • The Gong's vibrations bring about cellular re-alignment to enhance optimum cellular efficiency. The Gong vibrations penetrate the body with healing sound waves, allowing the receiver to rebalance physically, mentally and spiritually. 
  • “The Art of Gong Playing” can be used as a stand alone Therapy or in addition to other Complementary Therapies. 
  • See 'The Workshops' page for pricing and more details.

The Gong


  • The Gong is, like the human body, an idiophone, that attracts our attention and love.
  • It’s Sounds are mysterious and help to develop our mental and intellectual curiosity. 
  • The tones are timeless, heightening passion, touching the Soul and developing Spirituality. 
  • The Gong is considered to be a good luck charm, touching the Gong or being touched by its vibrations is believed to bring about happiness and equanimity.
  • In India it is believed that the Sound of the Gong created the World, and was the Primordial Sound of Om.
  • Don Conreaux, arguably the leading Gong Master of our age and one of my teacher's, states that "The gong is known as an instrument of transformational power. Its is a tool by which we are engulfed in total sound, and through our intuition we are brought back to optimal health and balance...The Om tone of the gong creates total silence within. The sustained sound of a gong creates timelessness".
  • The Gong allows a paradigm shift in which you can absorb yourself into the present moment. This absorption makes us aware of the absence of separation between our selves and existence.

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Enhancing Wellness with the Gong

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