The Workshops


The Art of Gong Playing Level 1

This Workshop is aimed at the complete beginner, no musical theory/ experience is required. 


History and development of the Gong.

Introduce the individual Gongs/associated chakras.  

The contemporary characters/players and their Gong playing methods.  

Health and Safety. Contra-indications. After care advice.  


Demonstration of various Gong strokes.

Student practice using various Gongs.  

Individual mallet strokes.  

Putting all the strokes together & beginning to develop a personal playing style of your own. 

Exchange: £200 per person. 

Minimum 4 hour tuition. 

Contact Liz Horn 

Mobile No. 07973746264


The Art of Gong Playing Level 2

This Workshop is for students who have completed Level 1. 


Vibrations of the Gong and their effects both physiological (cellular & quantum levels) and psychological (brain wavelengths).

Makes of Gong and the use of different metal.  


Demonstration using various Gong strokes.

Use of different Mallets.

Student practice - continuing to develop a personal style.

An introduction to sound healing techniques using hand held Gongs.

Using positive affirmations and Mantras

Introduction to the flumi. 

Discussion on Designing your own Gong Bath. 

Exchange: £200 per person.

Minimum 4 hour tuition. 

Contact Liz Horn 

Mobile No. 07973746264


The Happy Guru

Special Offer for a limited period:

Come and Enjoy Five Hours of Gong Bliss.

Levels 1 & 2 at the exchange of £300